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Pine Beetle Management
The Mountain Pine Beetle In Our Community - brochure 

1. All Pine trees and spruce trees are susceptible to attack by Mountain Pine Beetle and other bark beetles.

 2. By the end of May, have the trunks of pine trees (and consider your spruce trees), thoroughly sprayed with an insecticide labeled for mountain pine beetle and other bark beetles.  Spray only green, healthy, and un-attacked pines.

 3. Remove pine and spruce trees that have been attacked by mountain pine beetle and other bark beetles before June each year.  Take infested tree trunks and limbs to the City of Cheyenne Compost Facility at 3714 Windmill Road. Cut trunk sections to six feet in length or less. The infested trunk sections and limbs will be chipped as soon as possible.

 4. Tree Care companies can chip smaller diameter trunk sections and limbs. Stripping the bark off of affected trunks, or securely covering one layer of affected trunks with heavy, UV resistant clear plastic during the growing season (April - October) may also be used as a control.

 5. Spraying the trunks of already infested trees will kill very few of the emerging beetles.

 6. Pines and spruce that are successfully attacked, but are still living, will still allow many beetles to emerge to attack the same tree or other nearby pine and spruce.

 7. Mountain pine beetle carries blue stain fungus that can weaken or kill a pine or spruce tree whether the beetle attack is successful or not. 

 8. Do not bring into the Cheyenne area any firewood or store firewood from beetle killed trees during the growing season, April - October.

 9. Burn all firewood from beetle killed trees before April.

10. Securely cover left over firewood with two layers of clear 6-mil UV resistant plastic during the growing season (April - October). Do not allow beetles to escape the plastic covering.