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Gymnastics Program
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The Cheyenne Parks and Recreation Gymnastics program offers a wide range of classes to meet Cheyenne’s Gymnastics needs. Our progressive program teaches boys and girls ages 1.5 years old and up fundamental through advanced skills on Olympic gymnastic apparatus.

Our facility is fully equipped for all level of gymnastics and our goals are to provide a safe, positive and fun gymnastics learning environment for your child. Gymnastics teaches gross motor skills, balance, coordination and special awareness which helps in all other sports. Participating in gymnastics develops self esteem, discipline, determination and a sense of achievement. Please call (307) 637-6423 or contact us by Email for more information.

Winter/Spring Schedule

Classes & Levels

Listed below is information specific to each gymnastics class.


This class is created for toddlers ages 18 months – 3 years old and their parents. Parent involvement and participation encourages the child to try new things and take direction from the instructor. Learning stations are used to increase and develop coordination and motor skills.

Tumblers 1
This is an exciting first look at basic gymnastics principals and skills for children three to five years old. Children will learn motor skills, large and fine, flexibility and strength, with an emphasis on overall fitness.

Tumblers 2
This is a more advanced look at basic gymnastics skills for four to six year olds who have previously been enrolled in a Tumblers 1 class. This class is a continuation of their previous learning working more with motor skills, flexibility, strength and proper skill development and execution. Gymnast will need to be evaluated by Gymnastics Specialist to enroll in this class. This class is NOT a beginning gymnastics class. This class involves advanced skills that are meant to develop a gymnast into competitive gymnastics.

This beginning gymnastics class is designed for youth ages 6 and older who want to learn the basics of gymnastics. Much of the class will be focused on strength, flexibility, basic skill development and overall fitness. This class also will introduce and familiarize students with gymnastics lingo and knowledge.

Gym 1/2, 3, 4 & Up
These classes are a continuation of skill development for youth ages 5-18 years old. Gymnast must be tested by Gymnastics Specialist to progress through each level. If a child has had previous gymnastics experience beyond the beginning classes, they must be tested by the Gymnastics Specialist to enroll. These classes prepare gymnasts for competitive level gymnastics and participation with our competition team.

These classes are more advanced instruction for males ages 6 – 18 years old. Boys will be learning skills and routines that will lead them to a competitive level and participation on the competitive team.

This class is geared toward cheer and tumbling basics. It is for ages 12 and up who would like to learn cheer or improve their existing tumbling skills. There is a fee of $7 for each class you attend. A punch card can also be purchased at the Recreation office for $50 for 11 classes.

The Cheyenne Parks and Recreation Gymnastics Program has a Girls Competitive Team starting at Level 3. The team competes throughout the State of Wyoming as well as surrounding states.