What are the regulations for a shed or detached garage in my yard?
In all residential districts accessory buildings shall meet the following standards in addition to all other lot and building standards for the district.

a. There shall be a principal building constructed on the site prior to an accessory building being permitted.

b. For through lots an accessory building shall meet the setback requirements of the principal building for the district in which it is to be located.

c. An accessory building shall not encroach on any recorded easement.

d. The total size of all accessory buildings on the same property shall not exceed 15 percent of property area.

e. The total square footage of an accessory building shall not exceed more than 40% of the square footage of the principal building.

f. In districts LR-1, LR-2, MR-1, MR-2, HR-1, HR-2, NR-1, NR-2, and NR-3 only one accessory building is permitted per lot except that one additional accessory building of a maximum size up to 120 square feet may be permitted on any lot. Any accessory building under 120 square feet may be allowed a side and rear setback of 3’ regardless of the specific lot standards for accessory buildings. An exception is provided by Administrative Adjustment according to the procedures in Article 2, for garages for multifamily structures in order to provide up to one parking stall for each dwelling unit.

The setbacks for your accessory building depend on your lot type within your zone district. Call the Building and Development Office at 637-6282 for the requirements applicable to your home and property.

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