What do you put on the streets to melt ice and snow?
The product we put on the street to melt ice and snow is called Ice Slicer. Ice Slicer is naturally occurring complex chloride ice melter consisting of synergistic trace minerals plus sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium chlorides and grit. Mined from ancient buried mineral deposits in central Utah, Ice Slice is protected from the buildup of alkalis and pollutants. Thus, Ice Slicer is a very low corrosive ice melt.

Due to its hard crystalline structure, Ice Slicer can provide immediate traction whenever applied. Some users refer to it as “dissolving sand” because it doesn’t leave high volumes of residues as it breaks down. With naturally occurring trace minerals and very low alkalinity, Ice Slicer is also less harmful to roadside vegetation.

Ice Slicer’s natural brown color enables it to use the sun to provide additional melting power. It dissolves slowly and stays on roadways longer to help prevent freezing of new snow or ice so it is more effective over a longer period of time than ordinary salt.

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