How does the City decide which streets get plowed?
Our first priority is to keep the main arterial streets open. We also ensure that we keep the access open to critical facilities such as the hospital and fire departments. Our second priority is to plow around schools and designated problem areas, such as problem hills and intersections. Other than hills and problem spots, we do not normally plow residential streets. For snow events over five inches the City will plow residential streets enough to make them passable.

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1. How does the City decide which streets get plowed?
2. What do you put on gravel roads to control dust?
3. What do you put on the streets to melt ice and snow?
4. Who takes care of repairing and/or replacing street lights in Cheyenne?
5. Why do you plow snow on my sidewalk after I have cleared it?
6. Why doesn’t the City plow residential streets?
7. Why doesn’t the City purchase more equipment so they can plow residential streets?
8. Why don’t the operators go slow so they don’t throw the snow up onto the sidewalk?