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Posted on: February 7, 2020

Don't Ignore Your Fire Extinguisher; Monthly Inspections Are Recommended


Cheyenne Fire Rescue is reminding residents to conduct monthly inspections on their portable fire extinguishers in their homes.

Fire extinguishers are a life-saving tool that can prevent thousands of dollars’ worth of loss when used at the right time. However, a fire extinguisher has a limited lifespan and must be checked and maintained monthly to work property, said Kevin Parks, Prevention Officer for Cheyenne Fire Rescue.

“Just like the monthly maintenance you perform on other items, the same should be done for your fire extinguisher,” said Parks.

Each month you should:

  • Check the gauge to make sure it shows a full charge on the tank. If the needle has dropped since the last check, even if it’s still on the charged zone, have the extinguished inspected by a fire extinguisher contractor

  • If any liquid or foam is leaking out around the gauge or nozzle, this is a warning sign of damage. As is rust or corrosion in that area. Have your extinguisher inspected

  • Dry chemical fire extinguishers require monthly rotation to keep the powder inside fluffy and ready to dispense.  Simply turn the extinguisher upside down and the return to the upright position, this will help to ensure the correct amount of extinguishing agent is dispensed when you pull the pin and squeeze the handle to extinguish a fire

  • All fire extinguishers have expiration dates, and some can be recharged without having to replace them.

Remember, you can use fire extinguishers on small fires. If the fire is too big, evacuate your residence immediately and call 9-1-1 from a safe location.

If you have questions about your fire extinguisher, what size is right for your home or where to place the extinguisher, contact Cheyenne Fire Rescue at 307-637-6311.