Annual Photography Contest & Exhibit

The 2016 Annual Photography Contest & Exhibit theme is "Water". The 2016 event is designed to showcase the forms, beauty and versatility of water. 

The event is scheduled for February of 2016 at the Cheyenne Civic Center and sponsored by Cheyenne-Laramie County Employees Federal Credit Union.

Please call (307) 637-6423 or contact us by email with any questions concerning the Photography Contest & Exhibit. Registration form may be found here.

2015 "Plains, Trains & Automobiles" Results
Congratulations to everyone that participated!

1. Gay Wilson, Train #3
2. Craig Wilson, Willeys
3. Gay Wilson, Train #2
Honorable Mention. Gay Wilson, Train #1

1. Megan Nichols, No. 346
2. Megan Nichols, Black Beauty
3. Paul Ricketts, End of the Road
Honorable Mention. Patrick Wilson, Train Wheels #2

1. Edwin Carlson, Coming Through the Cut
2. Scott Phillips, 844 Steam & Snow
3. Janet Opp, Grill
Honorable Mention. Janet Opp, Flagship

Best in Show:
1. Megan Nichols, No. 346