Lions Park Physical Fitness Course

Lions Park is home to an exercise system designed for use by both the able-bodied and disabled. The course is designed to provide a safe, scientifically-balanced exercise program for all ages and fitness levels. Activities and exercise programs at the course are based on research from the National Athletic Health Institute.

Conditioning Program
Each circuit is made up of exercise groupings to provide a balanced conditioning program, including:
  • Warm-up and stretching
  • Toning and stretching
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Stretching and cool down

All circuits provide heart monitor information and have levels of performance to keep participants challenged.

Exercise Station Design
Exercise stations are placed in four clusters. This unique design allows greater flexibility in use of the circuit. Individuals can use the course in many ways, selecting the distances that they want to walk or run and the particular exercises they want to do.

Course Support
The fitness course, located on the east side of Sloans Lake, was installed in 1986 through the initiative of the Cheyenne Lions Club with support from local trades unions, clubs and businesses in the community.