Historic Preservation Board

Historic Preservation Board Meeting Schedule
Meetings are generally held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm in Room 122 of the Municipal building located at 2101 O’Neil Avenue, Cheyenne, Wyoming (date and location may change due to special requirements). View the calendar.

The regular February meeting has been moved to Tuesday, February 21st, to begin at 6:00 pm in Room 122.

Meeting Agenda

• Christina Bird, Chair
• Morgan Martin, Vice Chair
• Natalie Kuhlmann, Secretary
• Blithe McAndrew
• Martha Mullikin
• Gary Sims
• Marcene VanDerHaar
• Barbara Sandick
• Richard (RJ) Glantz JR.
• Kristi Racines
• Palmer Trujillo

Board Vacancy

There are currently no vacancies on the Board. If you are interested in volunteering with the Board or learning more about what they do, please contact the Planning Department at (307) 637-6305 or email for more information.