Historic Preservation Board

Historic Preservation Board Meeting Schedule
Meetings are generally held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm in Room 122 of the Municipal building located at 2101 O’Neil Avenue, Cheyenne, Wyoming (date and location may change due to special requirements). View the calendar.

Meeting Agenda

• Christina Bird, Chair
• Morgan Martin, Vice Chair
• Natalie Kuhlmann, Secretary
• Blithe McAndrew
• Martha Mullikin
• Gary Sims
• Marcene VanDerHaar
• Barbara Sandick
• Richard (RJ) Glantz JR.
• Kristi Racines

Board Vacancy

There is currently one (1) vacancy on the Board. If you are interested, click here for a link to the application. Appointees will need to fill out this form as well. Please contact the Planning Department at (307) 637-6305 or email for more information.

Members are expected to make every effort to attend every meeting each month. The CHPB has an ambitious list of preservation-related projects and prefers applicants who can offer the commitment and follow-through to help accomplish its goals. There will be an orientation meeting on a date to be determined for an hour that the appointee(s) will be expected to attend. The Board typically convenes a half-day or full-day for a Saturday retreat once a year. Some travel and training benefits are available.