Engineering and Water Resources Division

Engineering and Water Resources Division provide a full range of engineering specialties for water and sewer services ensuring development compliance with the Board's and City's policies, standards and plans. Branches of the Division include:

Construction Coordination-Coordinate with contractors to ensure construction projects are complete per specifications, budget and timelines. 

GIS/GPS- Maintains geophysical databases and technologies for water and sewer infrastructure. 

Inspection-Inspects and tests new construction for compliance with standards and policies.

Instrumentation-Maintains the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, plant controls and facility instrumentation. 

Source of Supply-Maintains the raw water transmission sysem (dams, reservoirs and pipes that devliver water to Sherard Water Treatment Plant and the raw water irrigation system. 

  1. Bruce Hattig

    Engineering and Water Resource Manager
    Phone: 307-637-6416

BOPU 30-inch water main

Engineering Standards

These standards apply for the design and construction of water and sewer utilities to be owned and operated by the Board including additions or replacements of the existing systems. The Board is updating the Rules and Regulations for Establishing Policies and Design Criteria. The document has been re-titled Infrastructure Policies and Design Criteria and is available for review.

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