Services Available

Family Counseling - Our family counseling services are available for families who have children ages 5 through 18. Family counseling programs are staffed by licensed Marriage and Family Counselors, licensed Professional Counselors and licensed Social Workers. The counseling is designed to include parents and youth in the counseling process. We have a strong belief in the family’s ability to work together in solving problems and enriching relationships.

Family Crisis Intervention - We provide a safe, confidential place to express feelings, share problems and vent frustrations. We also provide alternative options to the problems that cause children and families to feel overwhelmed and out-of-control. Intervention by our counselors in a family crisis situation can prevent youth from entering the court system. Situations requiring intervention include runaway youth, suicide and cutting, alcohol or drugs, defiance, disobedience and situations beyond parental control.

Mentoring Services – We provide stable, caring adults to mentor our youth. Our mentors provide a non-judgmental friendship, a safe place to vent frustrations and a source of wisdom for someone seeking guidance.

Court Services – These are designed to prevent youth from entering the formal judicial system, hold them accountable for their actions and provide them with alternatives to negative behavior.

Probation Services - These services are provided to youth placed under supervision by the Municipal or Circuit Court.

Work Alternatives Program (WAP) - Youth in this program are placed at work-sites to perform community service as an alternative to further consequences from the courts.

Juvenile Alcohol and Drug Intervention Program (JADIP) - This program is designed to provide education and counseling to youth and their families who are experiencing problems with drugs and alcohol.

Juvenile Accountability and Enrichment Program (JAEP) - This is a program offered in lieu of placement in detention or being brought back before the Court for further disposition. This program allows a youth to be held accountable for his/her actions while contributing to the community in a positive way.

Drug Testing and Court Mentors - We do court mandated drug testing and provide court ordered mentors.

ACCISS Program - This is our school program designed to prevent negative behaviors such as substance abuse and violence while promoting healthy choices in kids ages 12 to 14 years of age. It provides social support, education services such as tutoring, a reading enrichment program, incentives, science programs and structured activities to stimulate the mind. It is held at Johnson and Carey Junior High Schools. We also offer an all-day program during the summer months.

Groups – We offer groups in a lot of areas; anger management, smoking cessation, self-improvement and much more. Our groups are offered on an “as needed” basis so please check our CURRENT EVENTS page.

Special Friends - This program matches volunteers with children in need of mentors. A strong effort is made to match children with a caring, responsible adult of similar interests. If you want more information regarding this program, please go to the SPECIAL FRIENDS page or find us on Facebook.

School Partnerships - We work closely with local schools, providing support to in-school counselors and accepting referrals from them.

Wyoming Kinship Advocacy Program - This is a program designed to help families and individuals who suddenly find themselves raising children of extended family members; i.e. grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or much younger siblings. This program provides assistance with completing documents, locating resources, and offers respite.