Municipal Pool Renovation & Expansion

Design Development Progress Report - 1.31.14
The design team, construction team and the Parks & Recreation team have been working diligently to get this project within the allowable funding.  The CMAR team of AP Wyoming will be opening bids on the pool construction company February 6, 2014 at 2:00pm.  This is the most critical bid opening of our process due to the long lead times for materials used in the construction of the new pool shell. 

100% Design Development Plans - This link includes an amended plan from previous designs.

Schematic Design Progress Report - 5.8.13
The design team is working diligently to finalize the schematic design process.  From comments received during the April 2 Public Meeting and through this website we are proud to provide these plans for your review.  Each meeting of the Design Team and the City of Cheyenne results in changes and updates.  We are scheduled to have 100% Schematic Design documents in hand within the nest few weeks.

Floor Plans - This link includes both the existing floor plan and the new floor plan.
Perspectives - This link includes exterior perspectives of the renovated facility.

Specific Purpose Optional Sales Tax
Pool and slide
In November 2012 renovation of the municipal pool was approved as a project using the specific purpose optional sales tax (6th Penny) by the voters.  Now, after more than 35 years of heavy use, the pool will receive a much needed major overhaul and will be upgraded to meet current citizen needs, desires, and replace deteriorating mechanical and other infrastructure items.

From public comments received by staff from pool users, required changes necessary to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, and aging equipment replacement needs, a conceptual plan was conceived and presented to voters.

The process has now moved to the next phase, schematic design, to further refine, investigate, evaluate, and prioritize all of the project needs that can be accomplished within the budget provided by the citizen vote.  Additional funding is being sought, hopefully, to provide additional amenities and attractions to further enliven the pool and its attraction for all users whether it is for fitness or pure recreation.

April 2, 2013 - Public Meeting Information
During the Schematic Design process public information is vital to ensure that your expectations are being met.  During the 4.2.13 Public Meeting attendees were able to comment on the site plan, pool layout options and prioritize amenities.

Site Plan
Option 1
Option 2
Amenity Prioritization Results

Comments will be accepted through April 30, 2013.  Please provide written comments to:  P&R Administration, Attn: MP Renovation & Expansion, 2101 O'Neil Ave., Room 302, Cheyenne, WY 82001.  Please click here to provide email comments.

Design Team Selected!
Through a very competitive proposal process the design teams of Noel Griffith, Jr. & Associates Architects (Cheyenne), and Barker, Rinker, Seacat Architecture (Colorado), and Water Technology, Inc. (Wisconsin) was selected to provide the design, construction documents, bidding assistance and construction management for the Municipal Pool Renovation & Expansion Project.

Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects

The firm of Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects was founded in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1976 and has grown steadily through the years.  We are very proud of our Cheyenne community and are actively involved on many different levels.  Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects is a well-rounded architectural design firm.  For more information on Noel Griffith & Associates, Architects Click Here.

Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture
At Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture—or BRS for short—we strive to design thoughtful, enlivening, functional places that enrich and enhance the lives of their users. Our goal is to make a positive and lasting impact on the communities we serve and to improve the quality of life for the people who belong to them. We actively engage the client and community through a highly interactive process to ensure all needs are met, budgets adhered to and expectations exceeded. It is the wide range of input gathered from owners, staff, community leaders and end-users that drives our designs and fuels our passion for the work we do. For more information on BRS Click Here.

Water Technology, Inc.
Water Technology, Inc. (WTI) is an aquatic design firm founded on the belief that aquatic recreation completes communities and makes them a better place to live. Our creative energy and passion embrace that philosophy with the creation of forward-looking designs that support dynamic community aquatic and waterpark programs. Today, we maintain the widest range of planning, design and engineering qualifications in the aquatic industry. Our staff believes that creating exciting and sustainable waterpark environments help clients become leaders in their markets.  For more information on WTI Click Here.